Relationship issues
Relationship Issues

In my practice, I work with couples who are reaching out for help for many different reasons: communication problems, ongoing conflict, trust and intimacy issues, commitment to the relationship, multicultural issues, the stress of a new transitional phase.

Marriage is not easy; there are no guarantees with any relationship. However, all successful relationships have some commonalities such as intimacy, respect, security, effective communication, and a sense of being valued.

A healthy relationship starts with the ability to:
• Understand yourself and your partner.
• Recognize that both of you have needs.
• Regulate emotions in response to relationship experiences.

To resolve a conflict situation, the client will try to use the following skills:
1. Understand – identifying the needs of your partner and acknowledging yours.
2. Communicate – mutually work on a resolution by recognizing each other’s needs.
3. Regulate – calm emotions by breathing, taking a walk, meditation, and relaxation.
4. Resolve – solve conflict by accepting outside help.