Alexandra Afanasyeva, MFT
About me

Hello! I’m Alexandra Afanasyeva

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist whose professional background started over two decades ago when I received my first master’s degree in psychology while living in Moscow, Russia.
When I immigrated to the United States, I left behind a school psychologist position, private practice and supportive academic environment. My life has changed dramatically, but my interest, passion, and dedication toward psychology, psychotherapy, people advocacy and accessible resources has not wavered.
I continued my education in the US. In 2010, I graduated from Antioch University in Los Angeles with a master’s degree in clinical psychology.
While in school, I worked to expand my areas of expertise by enrolling in two clinicals with vastly different clients and approaches. My first internship was working with children who had experienced trauma and an adverse environment, most with a history of adjudication. I provided psychotherapy for the issues of domestic violence, anger management, parental relationships, abuse, and family conflict.
My second internship provided a dramatically different therapeutic approach, working with adults using the Gestalt relational model. This model focuses on the present moment, process over content, and the therapist-client relationship.
This extensive and structured training in the Gestalt relational model prepared me to open my private practice in 2011.
Since then, I have been providing services for a diverse population — in age, gender, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. I currently help individuals, couples, as well as children age 13 and older.
In May of 2017, I joined the group therapy practice of Fig Tree counseling center. There I work with talented psychotherapists in Los Angeles. We provide services to the downtown community and surrounding areas. Most of my clients are students at USC — the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. We often address the following issues: leaving home, friends and family, adjusting to a new environment, dealing with demanding school requirements, making new friends, and finding their professional path. Often my clients report feelings of loneliness, isolation and consistent worries.
I also provide help to young professionals, singles, new parents, and couples — married or unmarried, committed or no commitment, open relationships or exclusive, even long-distance relationships.
My focus is on being consistent, available and supportive to my clients. I help clients to establish goals and act accordingly, increase self-awareness, self-evaluation and self-regulation.
I often use neuroscience to aid in treatment by educating clients about the neuroplasticity of our brain, neurons that fire together, the brain and body connection, the autonomic nervous system, fight-or-flight response, neuroscience and attachment theory.
As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I educate clients on the effects of trauma; guiding them into their present body, teaching them to relax their bodies; and helping them to construct complete chronological narratives of their traumatic experiences. In my practice, I use evidence-based treatments — which means I use techniques that are proven to be effective based on available research with clinical expertise.
My approach is to feel compassion for, connected with, and open-hearted toward my clients. I enjoy seeing consistent changes in their personal growth with the ability to handle stressors and emotions and successfully navigate to feelings of safety and connection.

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