Alexandra Afanasyeva, MFT
About me

Hello! I’m Alexandra Afanasyeva

I am a supportive, compassionate and empathetic therapist with years of
experience working with a diverse population of individuals largely specializing in
developmental trauma, PTSD, many other traumas, anxiety and depression. My
approach is eclectic; mostly influenced by Gestalt psychology, Pesso Boyden
System Psychomotor (PBSP) therapy with their shared roots in existential
phenomenology, person-centered attitude, and body -mind awareness.

PBSP is the most advanced therapeutic system available for emotional
re-education. The session is based on creating an alternative memory in which
the client's basic human needs are met and his/her longing for place, protection,
love, support, and emotional containment are fully fulfilled.
It's a gradual, safe, gentle expansion of a strong and positive inner framework.
``Earned secure attachment`` helps clients to create happier, healthier, balanced
and hope-filled lives.

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