Anger Management
Anger Management

There is nothing wrong with feeling anger. All humans feel anger whether male or female, child or adult. Anger is a feeling that sends a message that something must change. However, the problem is when we can’t hear that message.

When someone is experiencing and expressing anger, he or she is using the thinking (cortex) part of the brain, but primarily, the limbic center of the brain is responsible for emotions.

In the moment of anger, you can use some techniques that will buy time to think about the situation and not just react to it. The techniques can be easy:

1. Counting to 10
2. Breathing slowly
3. Using destruction techniques

My goal is not to get rid of anger but to help you to hear its message by recognizing its sources and examining the triggers.

I will help you:

To become an expert on your thoughts, feelings, priorities, and choices.

To respond in a new and different way to the old triggers.

To make positive changes in your life.

To become mindful and have self-compassion.